See what grabbed our readers in 2018. It was a year when CRISPR-ed plants, therapies and babies stole the headlines, but there are also some surprises on this list.


While the world’s attention focused on claims of custom babies using CRISPR, Editas received approval to test a gene-editing drug in people.


1. Go-ahead for first in-body CRISPR medicine testing

2. T cells fingered as culprits for narcolepsy

3. With a free pass, CRISPR-edited plants reach market in record time

4. Preprint wipes millions off CRISPR companies’ stocks

5. Smart insulin: redesign could end hypoglycemia risk

6. FDA warns public of dangers of DIY gene therapy

7. First edible cottonseed go-ahead

8. FDA backs clinician-free AI imaging diagnostic tools

9. Sangamo’s landmark genome editing trial gets mixed reception

10. CD47 checkpoint data supercharge Stanford spinout IPO



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